Paysage Toscan

Paysage Toscan

Paysage Toscan

Paysage Toscan by Brigitte Boulenger
Size (frame included): W 88 cm x H 67 cm
Media: acrylic
Surface: canvas
Year of realisation: 2003

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About the artist:

Brigitte Boulenger is an artist that will never introduce herself as an artist to the outside world. However, knowing her well, I can profoundly confirm that she functions like one. Brigitte is a descendent of the well-known Belgian painter Marie Collart (1842 - 1911). Creativity and art appreciation have been in her genes for generations.

Growing up, Brigitte Boulenger studied "History of Art" and "Interior Architecture". After accomplishing her studies she started working for a well renowned interior decorator in Brussels. For some time, Brigitte stopped working to take care of her children. However, once they grew older and needed less of her time, she started expressing herself with a paintbrush. Brigitte Boulenger got inspired by her environment and felt the need to create again.